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Product Description

irLive N.TOP is 2T2R MIMO Wireless-N Ceiling AP with data rate up to 300Mbps, it built-in IEEE 802.3af PoE to deploy the PoE network environment that reduces the complexity wiring and easy- to-install into the existing network environment. With different wireless modes, N.TOP not only fully fulfill to different application and also expand wireless coverage.
Smoke Detector Appearance Wireless AP
AirLive N.TOP use smoke detector appearance, it minimizes visibility for any type public areas, such as enterprise, government, campuses, hotels, restaurant, coffee shop, clinic and hospital..etc.
300Mbps Wireless N, Up to 5x More Distance!
The N.TOP is the first ceiling mount AP that features both MIMO and long range radio that can deliverup to 27dBm of output power(limited to 20dBm in EU and 23dBm in the U.S.). This combinationcreates an AP delivers both long distance and wide coverage than conventional AP. In addition, it hasmaximum throughput of 300Mbps and is completely backward compatible with 11g/b devices.
802.3af PoE Ports*
Despite of its small housing, AirLive managed to put one Ethernet port into the N.TOP, and it function as PoE port. The PoE port can accept PoE input 48Volts so you can use AirLive’s 802.2af POE Injector (AirLive POE-48PB) or PoE switch is required for PoE installation.* Optional 802.2af POE Injector (AirLive POE-48PB) or PoE switch is required for PoE installation.
IP Finder Management
The AirLive N.TOP works with AirLive IP Finder Utility. Therefore, you can manage AirLive IP Cameras and N.TOP together in the simple to use utility. You can discover AP and IP Cameras, then change IP, password, SSID, and encryption.
5 Wireless Modes
The N.TOP offers user friendly easy- to-use interface that is standard on all AirLive AP, so you can get started easily. In addition, 5 wireless modes are featured so you AP can work in different application environments.
Multiple SSID, Wireless Scheduling, and Green AP
AirLive N.TOP provides multiple SSID capability so you can create up to total of 4 virtual APs. With the wireless scheduling feature, you can pre-configure the N.TOP before you leave your office or home, so when the time is up, the N.TOP will start to execute the routine jobs automatically, it will reduce the power loading and save your bill. The N.TOP is also a green AP which only use about half the power consumption comparing to other APs in the same class.