Airlive N.Plug Wireless Repeater


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Product Description

he AirLive N.Plug is a wireless B/G/N multimode (Repeater/AP/Router) network device with support of 3G USB dongle and broadband WAN. The size and casing of the device are compact and well designed which is great for users want to travel light but desire for complete wireless function support as well. N.Plug in repeater mode is also great for users who are looking to extend their current wireless network but use as little configuration as possible.
Extend coverage distance of wireless network
Most people are concerning the distance of existing wireless network. With N.Plug, extend coverage distance of your existing wireless network will never be an issue anymore. Multiple of N.Plug with WPS function in Repeater Mode can easily get the job done, and without replace existing network equipments. The device can be quickly configured by simple push of the WPS button on the router and repeater. It is an ideal indoor wireless solution for hotel, school, clinic, home and large office. Your IPTV, gaming console, media player, and personal tablet will be link wirelessly to the extended coverage of internet connection which supply by AirLive N.Plug in Repeater mode.
Multi-mode Switching at Ease
By a simple flick of a hardware switch on the N.Plug, user can choose between three different modes of Repeater, AP,and Router. User will save countless configuration times and effort with the simple to use multi-mode hardware switch.
Total Solution for 3G and Broadband Sharing
N.Plug is the most convene and portable internet sharing device on the market. With the build-in USB 2.0 port and WAN, the N.Plug can support either 3G USB dongle or xDSL WAN depended on the situation. User will be able to share its 3G mobile connection or ADSL internet connection within N.Plug’s powerful wireless N radius range.
Complete functionality for Web User Interface
N.Plug software system is built upon the new AirLogic software architecture. The under laying system core is our legendary wireless engine that offers superior performance and rich set of functions. It features firmware recovery system, multi-operation wireless mode, Virtual AP function, bandwidth control, and lots other features that make AirLive wireless products famous in the industry.
Wireless 802.11 B/G/N in Sleek Compacted Design
The vastly versatile N.Plug is compliant to IEEE 802.11 B/G/N standard which are the most common and widely use wireless standard in the world. it can reach to 150Mbps when connects to an 802.11n client. Although the device packs with power function and high speed performance, it is also very portable due to its compact size. The device has build and designed as a size of power adepter. It does not require an extra power adepter and a specially designed location to place on; user can simply plug it onto home/ office/hotel’s electric socket/outlet and connect the current facility’s network without worrying about the wires and placement. Airlive N.Plug is a true WIRELESS indoor device in every sense of word.